All of the new shows and movies coming to Netflix this March

If you’ve just about come around to the idea of fully becoming a couch potato and are looking for some new entertainment to pass the time with, then we’ve got great news for you!

Netflix have just announced a stellar list of shows and movies, new and old, which will be landing on the streaming service this March.

Controversially, Netflix have recently increased their pricing, promising to offer a lot more movies and series in return. We think it’s fair to say that they haven’t given us a line-up like this one in quite some time, keeping true to their word.

So grab some snacks, put your feet up and get ready to binge. Here’s a full list of everything that will be coming to Netflix next month.

Brooklyn Nine Nine season 7 – Raymond Holt, an eccentric commanding officer, and his diverse and quirky team of odd detectives solve crimes in Brooklyn, New York City.

Moxie – Inspired by her mom's (Amy Poehler) rebellious past and a confident new friend, a shy teenager publishes an anonymous zine calling out sexism at her school.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive season 3 – This docuseries gives viewers exclusive, intimate access to the people in one of the world's greatest racing competitions.

Yes Day – Always feeling like they have to say "no" to their kids, Allison (Jennifer Garner) and Carlos decide to give their three kids a "Yes Day," during which the kids have 24 hours to make the rules.

The Irregulars – The Baker Street ‘Irregulars’ work for Dr Watson saving London from supernatural elements.

A Week Away – Nowhere left to go, Will Hawkins finds himself at camp for the first time. His instinct is to run, but he finds a friend, a father figure and even a girl who awakens his heart.

The Bold Type seasons 1 to 4 – Three women work together to publish a women’s magazine, and in the process they struggle to find their identities, manage friendships and find love.

Eighth Grade – A coming-of-age film which follows a middle school teenager who struggles with anxiety but strives to gain social acceptance from her peers during their final week of eighth grade.

Last Chance U: Basketball – A docu-series which hits the hardwood in East Los Angeles as a coach with strong convictions leads young men who hope to fulfill major college potential.

Crazy Rich Asians – A Chinese-American professor travels to meet her boyfriend's family and is surprised to discover they are among the richest in Singapore.

The One – Love — and lies — spiral when a DNA researcher helps discover a way to find the perfect partner, and creates a bold new matchmaking service.

Molly’s Game – Molly Bloom, who runs a high-stakes poker game for prominent stars and mafia, finds herself in trouble after the FBI seek interest in her profile.

Sky Rojo – On the run from their pimp and his henchmen, three women embark on a frantic journey in search of freedom.

Ghostbusters (1984) – A trio of eccentric parapsychologists start a ghost-catching business in New York City.

Murder Among The Mormons – High-stakes exploits turn deadly and shake a global church to its core.

Steel Magnolias (1989) – M'Lynn is afraid that she might lose her daughter in childbirth. So, she turns to her girlfriends for strength, support and to celebrate the miracle of life.

Paradise PD part 3 – The animated series follows a small-town police department where crime is rampant and the police are seriously incompetent.

Into The Wild – A true story about Christopher McCandless, a man who hiked across North America into the Alaskan wilderness in the early 1990s.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood – A conflicted yet courageous Dragon Knight must use the power of the dragon within to stop a deadly demon in this epic fantasy based on the online game.

Dirty Dancing – Starring Jennifer Grey as Frances "Baby" Houseman, a young woman who falls in love with dance instructor Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) at a holiday resort.

Pacific Rim: The Black – After Kaiju ravage Australia, two siblings pilot a Jaeger to search for their parents, encountering new creatures, seedy characters and chance allies.

The Girl On The Train – Rachel, a divorcee, idealises Scott and Megan, a young couple who live next to her ex-husband. However, when Megan suddenly goes missing, Rachel gets dragged into the ensuing investigation.