A mouthwash BOMB is now a thing … and we’re totally confused by it


It's safe to say that one thing that has never popped into my head is a bath bomb for your mouth.

But, it popped into someone's head and alas, the mouthwash-bomb was born.

As weird as it sounds, Lush, the fresh handmade cosmetics company, has come up with this creation and now, I'm super interested (but slightly hesitant) in trying it out.

I have a feeling it'll be like one of those sweets from back in the day where you dip a lollipop into a load of fizzy stuff and it feels like an explosion in your mouth.

The new mouthwash tablets come in three flavours; Créme De Menthe, Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster and Ugai.

At the moment, these bombs are only available online, so if you want a minty fresh breath (or a Ugai-fresh breath – whatever that is), take a look here.