Wedding expert unveils 7 things brides should avoid on their big day

Wending season is officially upon us!

At this time of year, thousands of blushing brides will be making some last-minute adjustments to ensure that their special day goes off without a hitch.

However, it can be near-impossible these days to avoid at least one small hiccup on your wedding day – after all, there are so many things that can go wrong!

To help ease your worries, wedding expert and CEO of the UK’s largest collection of wedding venues, The Gilchrist Collection, Samantha Gilchrist, has curated seven top tips for things to definitely avoid on your big day.

From dining options to the choice of outfits, here are some crucial pieces of advice to keep in mind, as the most special day of your life approaches:

1. No ‘maybe’ guests

Firstly, you need to be firm when creating your guest list –  there's nothing worse than when an unresponsive guest or several uninvited plus ones suddenly turn up! This can cause a whole array of issues, especially at your reception meal. When inviting your guests, you and your partner should only invite those that will definitely respect your wishes for a strict guest list.

 2. Screaming children during your vows

As much as children can be absolutely adorable at a wedding, they can also be disruptive during the ceremony. The last thing you want is to have a screaming baby while you are in the middle of saying ‘I do’. If you are set on having young guests at your ceremony and reception, make sure to ask their parents to leave with them if they become upset during the day.

3. Wedding crew in casual clothes

If you are aiming to have an elegant, well-dressed wedding, there’s nothing worse than when your photographer or videographer turns up in casual clothes. In this scenario, don’t be afraid to tell your team beforehand to match your wedding’s dress code. In order for them to capture the most beautiful, candid moments from your celebrations, they need to be able to blend into your day – this will be hard to do if they are wearing jeans!

4. Leave red wine off the menu

Even though your guests might be hoping for a bottle of red wine at the dinner table, it can end up causing fashion disasters. With the price of wedding dresses nowadays, it would be heartbreaking if you were to spill a glass of red onto your white gown. So, just don’t risk it! Instead, stick to white wine or clear spirits at your table.

5. Think twice about ‘Cadbury’ purple 

In the wedding industry in the early 2000s, everyone went through a phase of having the ‘Cadbury’ purple as part of the colour scheme. Of course, it is completely up to you, but experts would recommend avoiding it as it's a really hard colour for bridesmaids to wear and often doesn’t work in reception settings. 

6. Don’t forget the canapés 

Couples often opt out of canapés to save money, but realistically, they don’t cost too much overall and can make all the difference, especially if you’re having an afternoon ceremony. Your wedding party will likely be starving, and so there’s no doubt that they will appreciate having something to snack on while photos are being taken.

7. Mocktails are now a must-have

If you want to have an alcohol-free wedding, mocktails are a must-have! Not only are they delicious to drink, but they are also much cheaper to make than alcoholic drinks. Plus, having sober guests means that you will be sure to avoid any drunken mishaps throughout your wedding reception.