We can’t believe this TOWIE couple have split, AGAIN!


The on-off relationship between Chloe Sims and Elliott Wright is in fact over – again!

Chloe opened up about the split in her column for Star magazine.

It appears that his move to Marbella put too much strain on the relationship.

Chloe told Star magazine: "There have been lots of stories about me and Elliott, but I can reveal to you first that it's over between us again."

"It all became too complicated – I couldn't visit him in Spain on the first weekend he invited me, which caused bad feeling," she added.

Being apart wasn't the only thing causing problems for the couple though.

Chloe claimed: "Also, before he flew out he looked at my phone and found some texts he didn't like – he sent me a long message last week saying it wasn't working." 

Oh dear! 

Chloe agreed with Elliott and realised he needed "someone younger who doesn't have a child to think of."

Is it really the end this time though?