Uh-oh – It looks like a Calvin Vs Taylor FEUD is about to kick off

Honestly, we were shocked when we saw the pictures of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston kissing this morning.

Where the hell did that come from?! What about Calvin?!

Well, it seems that it's all about to kick off now as Mr Harris just predicted on Twitter.

Just after the pictures of Taylor and Tom broke, the DJ unfollowed Tay from all social media, blocked her fans and then deleted his break-up tweet.

But that's not all. He then tweeted: "Oh boy it's about to go down," along with three skull face emojis. Ouch!

Are we going to see a big celeb showdown? Or is it going to be all shady and sly digs at each other? We'll just have to wait and see.

However, now it seems that Tay's latest romance was sorta inevitable.

Shortly after Taylor and Tom were seen dancing together at the Met Gala, Tom did an interview with MTV for his new movie – and he gushed about her.

When asked what it was like dancing with the Shake It Off singer, he said: "I sat next to her at dinner that night and she was very charming.

"She is amazing. I mean, I've seen a couple of her, like, videos.

"I think I remember Shake It Off was released around the time we made I Saw the Light, and, erm, she's very cool. Yeah."

Taylor has now removed all trace of Calvin from her social media feeds, so it looks like the split wasn't as simple as they first said it was.