WATCH: Missy Elliott’s first music video in more than SEVEN years

We apologise in advance for ruining your productivity #goals for today, but once you set your eyes on Missy Elliott's new music video, you'll have to watch it all day long. 

Totally mesmerising and addictive, Missy's hair, make-up and outfits just ooze coolness. What's more is that Pharrell makes a cameo appearance… as a puppet. 

The song also has a catchy hook which seems to be targeted at one certain pop star: "The dance you doing is dumb/ How they do where you from/ Stickin' out your tongue girl/ But you know you're too young." Hmmm… 

The single means that a full album is likely on the way (yes!).

Her most recent album, The Cookbook, was out in 2005 and the last video she was in was Shake Your Pom Pom in 2008. Now go forth and watch it a million times.