Watch: Courteney Cox recreates her iconic turkey dance from ‘Friends’


Fans of the famous 90’s sitcom will remember fondly all of its iconic scenes, and even reference them on the daily.

How many times this year alone have we thought of Ross’ “I’m fine,” quote, from when he found out Joey and Rachel were a thing? While so many Friends moments hold such a special place in our hearts, there’s one particular scene which gets brought up again and again, every single Thanksgiving.

Yes, we’re talking about that iconic scene involving Monica Geller putting a turkey on her head and dancing around — what a woman!

Courteney Cox, the star who played Monica for 10 glorious seasons, took to social media yesterday to talk about how she feels about her infamous turkey dance becoming a bit of a Thanksgiving symbol.

“Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I hope you’re having a great day, I’m feeling so thankful” she says in the short video she shared to Instagram, before adding, a bit more sinisterly, “Also, if I see one more goddamn GIF of me with a turkey on my head, dancing like a f***ing fool…”

Showing the clip she’s referring to, Courteny then sweetly says, “I’m just gonna snap”.

“Anyway, since I’m the symbol of Thanksgiving, here you go, hope it makes you happy,” she adds, before the clip shows Courteney recreating that iconic scene, as she dances to the Friends theme song, with a turkey on her head.

Bringing joy to all of her friends, family and former co-stars, Friends alum, Lisa Kudrow commented, “You DID THAT!!”

Meanwhile Reese Witherspoon wrote, “Love you sister !,” followed by a red heart emoji.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!