Was Rita Ora in touch with her ex before her split with Calvin?


Rita and Calvin may have both tweeted nice things about their relationship break-up, but sources close to the couple have revealed that neither Rita or Calvin were getting along in the weeks leading up to their split.

One source said Calvin decided to end his relationship with Rita, after discovering that she was in touch with her ex, Rob Kardashian.

Rita apparently got in contact with Rob after seeing reports of his sudden weight gain in the last few weeks.

“She knows he blames their break-up for his weight gain, so she just wanted to check in on him. But Calvin found out that they were back in contact and they had this massive row, where he accused her of cheating. She tried to explain, but it seems he has serious issues with trust.”

Sources also revealed that things had been difficult between Calvin and Rita for a while.

“Calvin wanted to have kids and get married, but he was always reluctant, because he seemed to find it difficult to trust her. Rita denied that she was doing anything wrong and told Calvin he was being unfair. That was the beginning of the end. Rita was devastated and pleaded with Calvin to take her back, but he was done.”

Despite all the rumours of what caused the couple’s split both Calvin and Rita said their break-up was an amicable one.