Want to save up for Christmas? Try out these low-cost high-connection dates from home!

It’s been a pretty crazy autumn for a lot of us, with restrictions lifting and catching up with friends we haven’t seen since before the pandemic and generally getting back to our lives. We welcomed our social lives back with a bang and it’s been rare to find us sitting on our couch any given weekend.! We’ve missed restaurants and friends and date nights, so can you really blame us for going out and living our best lives?

Now though, December, and therefore Christmas, is suddenly around the corner, with a mere 45 until December 25th! Our purses are suddenly looking a little bruised and battered by the activities of the last month or two, so we want to try have a low key November for the next few weekends.

Person Holding Pink Suede Long Waller

But that doesn’t have to mean you and bae have to cut out date nights!

We’ve been so spoiled the last while with all our going out that we’ve forgotten that for almost a year, we had almost exclusively date nights in – and we got really creative with them! Don’t miss out on the chance to try out these low-cost but high connection date nights – because you don’t need a fancy restaurant to have a great date with your S.O!

Make dinner together

Have a board game night

Have a movie marathon of your favourite film series of childhood favourites

Plan a trip together – even if you never take it!

Couple travelling in car together

Have a spa night

Have a picnic in the living room

Star gaze on clear nights

Give each other massages

Make a new cocktail together and name it after each other

Create your own backyard obstacle course

Make a bucket list together

A Pen On Notebook With A Written Bucket List Beside A Laptop and Keyboard

Paint portraits of one another – as flattering or unflattering as you like!

Play the newlyweds game

Take an online class together

Get another couple over and do a group karaoke date

Make a scavenger hunt around the house with a prize

Roast marshmallows

Take a trip down memory lane and go through old photos and videos together

Photo Of Polaroid Photos

Have deep conversations about their goals – for their career, family, life, travel etc

Try baking a new recipe together

Have a videogame night of all your old favourites

Play card games and try to beat one another to win a prize!

Have an at-home wine or beer tasting

Order different entrées for one another and have a taste testing night!