Want to maintain your new hair colour? Here’s how…


If you've ever had your hair dyed or highlighted, you'll know the important of maintaining the new colour so it doesn't fade ahead of time.

No matter how good the dye job, if you don't look after your hair in the weeks and months that follow, you'll be left with a dull or brassy colour.

While the speed at which your hair grows and the contrast between your new and natural hair colour have a lot to do with maintenance levels, there are still some things you can do at home to ensure you don't have to visit the salon again for a while.

Here's our guide to keeping that brand new shade looking perfect for longer…

1. Don't shampoo straight away
For blonde or brunette dyes, stylists recommend waiting at least two days before shampooing, to allow time for the hair's cuticles to close and for the scalp's natural oils to replenish. As for red hair dyes, it's recommended to wait up to a week if possible, as red dye fades from the first wash. Keep your red hair vibrant for longer by shampooing as infrequently as possible, using dry shampoo or just hot water instead.

2. Use a colour-specific shampoo
It's not just an advertising gimmick, we promise. Colour-specific shampoos help to stop blonde hair from looking brassy and keep red and brunette hair looking rich and shiny. If in doubt, ask your hairdresser or colourist for a recommendation.

3. Protect the hair from heat and other elements
Constant use of hairdryers, straighteners and curling irons will work against your hair colour, causing it to fade faster than necessary. Use a leave-in thermal protectant before blowdrying, and air dry where possible. One week after getting your new colour, start weekly deep-conditioning treatments to keep your hair strong and healthy.

4. Get a gloss treatment
Conditioning gloss treatments can be applied at home, or if you really want to invest in your hair colour, you can also get a professional one at your salon. Gloss treatments keep the hair looking shiny and boost the colour, so are a great way to revitalise dyed hair without getting a new colour applied.