We’ve found it… A piece of paradise just TWO hours drive from Dublin

Drivers heading toward Boa Island, on the north short of Fermanagh's Lough Erne, are greeted by a huge expanse of tranquil water.

If you're en route to Lusty Beg, the only way across the lake is by a short ferry ride – your first introduction to the peaceful haven that is this five-star hotel and spa.

On arrival to the hotel for our weekend stay, we were greeted by the lovely Mary and Mark, who managed our trip to perfection. From our check-in and welcome drink to our final wave goodbye, there was service with a smile.

The first thing you'll notice when arriving to Lusty Beg is the incredible surroundings. The view on the island is absolutely breathtaking, and you will see yourself staring out into the distance for ages – even if you're not a nature-lover. 

We were welcomed into a beautiful cabin which boasted French doors looking out onto the lake. Cabins are equipped with a very modern kitchen (if you fancy going self-service), a faux-fur lined bedroom and a huge bathroom. Each cabin also has a walk-in shower and a massive bath to choose from. 

A little exploration in the form of a nature walk brought us around the island and over a (very cute) bridge. We looked out for squirrels but then it hit us – they hate the cold and are probably all wrapped up in their tree trunks. But, the extensive views across the island made up for not seeing any squirrels. 

After a shower and a rest, it was time for the best part of the evening – the food.

Our chef at the hotel's Island Restaurant served up wild mushrooms with sourdough toast and grilled chicken Caesar salad for starters.

For the main we dug into hake with chorizo and winter cabbage, plus a sirloin steak with chips, onion rings and pepper sauce. All delicious, and beautifully presented.

If dessert's your thing, we insist you try the restaurant's signature Malteser Meringue, covered with ice cream, caramel sauce and mini marshmallows. YUM. 

After dinner it was onto the hotel bar, which boasts a huge open fire, meaning we had to stay for an extra drink or three.

Staff at Lusty Beg are not only super-friendly, but they all have an extensive knowledge of the island, and can tell you things about it dating back to the Ice Age. 

After a dreamy sleep in our cabin and brekkie of eggs, bacon and coffee, it was time to check out Lusty Beg's real selling point – The Island Spa.

After reading up on the choice of facials, scrubs and massages on offer, we opted for the Voyager Total Massage Journey, a 90-minute top-to-toe treatment that incorporates body brushing, body massage and scalp massage. 

Organic seaweed oil is used to condition skin and soothe aches and pains, so we practically floated out of the place.

If dinner, drinks and massages aren't your thing (who are you?!) then there are plenty of other activities to avail of on the island, including archery, clay pigeon shooting, canoeing, tennis, football and more. 

From Dublin to Fermanagh, the total time was two hours and ten minutes, so if you want a little bit of relaxation and fun two hours from Dublin, this is definitely the place to go.  

For information and reservations, check out the Lusty Beg website or call +44 28 686 33300