Wait..what?! Kristen Stewart to take on Nina’s role in Vampire Diaries?

When Nina Dobrev quit The Vampire Diaries, fans were totally shocked and wondered how the show would go on without her.

Season 8 has been confirmed as the final run for the popular show, and it's followers have been wondering if Nina will made a comeback for the finale episode.

The actress left TVD after season 6, but she wasn't killed off. Elena, instead, was placed in a spell-induced coma and is supposed to remain unconscious until her BFF Bonnie dies.

Complicated, we know.

However, now rumour has it that Kristen Stewart will take on Elena's part.

According to Hollywood Gossip, Elena will be able to body-jump into another character and that character is Kristen.

Saying that though, TVD's creator Julie Plec said previously that Nina would be interested in returning for the finale episode… so why make things even more complicated?

Just bring back the original!