Wahey! Robbie Williams is making his way BACK to The X Factor

Robbie Williams is one of those celebs that just entertain you no matter what the context. He's funny and charming so it's no wonder why he's heading on the new season of the X Factor.

Rob will stand alongside judge Sharon Osbourne at the Judge’s Houses segment of the series this year, giving her some expert help when picking her finalists.

“Getting Robbie back on the show is a really clever move on the part of Sharon and the producers,” a source told The Sun.

“He has a huge fanbase and will attract loads of extra viewers purely from his name. It’s that sort of star quality they need to compete with Strictly.

“Every time Robbie appears on the X Factor he proves great entertainment value,” the insider added.

The insider is right, I'll sure be tuning in to see Robbie!