Victoria has HOW MANY engagement rings?!


Most of us would be happy with just ONE sparkler on THAT finger – but Victoria Beckham has been spotted wearing 13 different engagement rings during her 15 years of marriage.

When David proposed in 1998, her first engagement ring was a diamond marquise shape on a yellow gold band, and this ring is estimated to have cost around £65,000 (€82,167).

The singer turned fashion designer has also been spotted wearing a diamond studded band which experts have valued at £5,000 (€6,322).

There’s also a £100,000 (€126,411) yellow diamond set in yellow gold, a square cut diamond emerald surrounded by diamonds which is thought to be worth £500,000 (€632, 054) and a massive heart shaped diamond said to be over one million.

Jewellery maker Steve Bennett valued Victoria’s collection of engagement rings and said, “I’ve never known a woman to chop and change her engagement ring as she does. She clearly sees no reason not to treat it like any other fashion accessory.”

We’ll say!