Vicky Pattison gets emotional after sharing moving tribute to mum


Vicky Pattison has been opening up about her mum Caroll. 

The former Geordie Shore star has admitted she’s ‘incredibly proud’ of her mum for the work that she does in an emotional tribute. 

While praising Caroll on social media, Vicky revealed she got ‘teary-eyed’ as she reflected on her mum’s life story. 


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On Vicky’s travel Instagram page, Vicky’s Vacays, she shared gorgeous photos of her and her mum smiling together to her 269K followers. 

In the caption of the post, Pattison penned, “My mam… Just abit of an appreciation post for our @mammypattotravels. Because I am so incredibly proud of her and everything she continues to achieve in her life. You're amazing mam”.

“I won't go too much into it, as it's my mam's story to tell… but my mam had quite a few very hard years- she lost her job in covid which was travel based, she lost her parents and her partner”.

She continued, “Even as I write these things my eyes are filled with tears.. I honestly have no idea how she kept going. But her strength, resilience and unrelenting positivity have always been so admirable”.


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“Over the last few years I have watched my mam put her life back together and find herself again in this new space and it has been nothing short of inspirational”.

“She simply ADORES this business and labours tirelessly making sure our team feel supported and looked after. She has time for everyone and genuinely wants everyone to succeed- she is just supportive and kind always”.

Vicky closed off by adding, “@mammypattotravels I'm so proud of you, and so pleased for you! You deserve this chapter of your life so much and I'm so happy you're sharing it with @sweet_moments_travel”.

Many fans of Vicky’s took to the comments of the post to praise her kind words and compliment the sweet relationships has with Caroll. 

Vicky’s mum also commented on the touching tribute to say, “Ooh my goodness i have just seen this and it’s made me so emotional. You are so good with words @vickypattison I love you my gorgeous girl and loved our weekend together”.

“Thank you for all the lovely comments too, so overwhelming. I love our travel business and all the gorgeous agents, creating our best lives together”.