Vicky Pattinson has something to say about Charlotte’s fitness DVD…


It’s been a few weeks since it was reported that Vicky Pattinson had blasted her old friend Charlotte’s fitness DVD – something it seems she is now denying.

Charlotte retorted to Vicky’s comments saying that she had nothing bad to say and was surprised that Vicky had said anything bad to begin with.

Now it seems the two Geordie Shore lasses have put their differences behind them! Vicky spoke to The Mirror when she divulged all on their friendship:

“I feel a bit cornered by this. I love Charlotte. And yeah she’s done a few of the same things as me. But we are from exactly the same background. There are certain doors that get opened for you. Ex on the Beach, a fitness DVD and an autobiography just happen to be a few of them.”

Despite Charlotte going down a very similar path to Vicky, and becoming even more successful in doing so, Vicky says it’s all good between them: “I’m not mad. I love her … Me and Charlotte texted about it, and she asked if I’d been saying all these things about her. And I was like: ‘no mate, I wouldn’t in a million years.’ And she seems fine with it.”

Phew – we’re glad to hear all is good between these two, although Vicky is sounding a small bit bitter about Charlotte’s career choices so far!