‘We’re NOT over’: Donna Air and James Middleton deny they’ve split

James Middleton fans, we have some bad news for you… or some good news, depending on how you look at it.

Widespread reports last week that Kate Middleton's handsome younger brother had split from his girlfriend Donna Air were incorrect it seems.

The couple made a joint statement to Hello! USA yesterday confirming that they were indeed still together – and, in fact, they were bewildered by rumours of a break-up.

"Mark Twain once complained that reports of his death were exaggerated. A few days ago we were equally amazed to read the obituaries of our relationship in the national press," the couple joked.

While the pair are still an item, it's believed they did take a short break as a "cooling off period" while working through some issues. 

A source tells E! News that things have been rocky for months and that James and Donna have been "on/off" for quite a while.

However as they are currently in a good place with their relationship, they were keen to make it clear a break-up was not imminent.

"Happily, we can report that our relationship is NOT over. We are still very much a couple and have not parted ways," they said in their statement.

While they are together for now, last week The Sun quoted a source as saying James believed the couple didn't have staying power.

"He just didn't think it was going to go the distance. And I think his family were always very anti her being the future Queen of England's sister-in-law," the insider claimed.