Ukrainian girl who sang Let It Go in bomb shelter reunited with mother


By Tara Mahon


The young Ukrainian girl who went viral for singing the Frozen hit song Let It Go in an underground bunker in Kyiv has been reunited with her mother at long last in Poland. 

The seven-year-old was reunited with her mother a few days before she was invited to sing at a charity concert held in Poland on March 20. The two separated because her mother decided to stay in Kyiv while Amelia and her brother fled to their grandmother’s home in Poland after they had stayed six nights in the bunker that the young girl had been videoed singing in. 

At the charity concert she sang the Ukrainian national anthem, while her mother stayed behind the stage. The concert was organised to help raise money for the Polish Humanitarian Action, which is supporting the victims of Russia’s invasion. The PHA is one of Poland’s oldest charity foundations. 

Amelia’s mother and grandmother were very proud of her performance. “Is there a grandmother out there who would not be proud of her granddaughter in that moment?”, states Ms Anisovych. 

The children’s father remains in Ukraine’s capital. Amelia’s mother told the PA news agency that “We talk to her dad several times a day… Amelia is very sad but hopes to see him soon”. 

The video of Amelia Anisovych singing one of Disney’s greatest hits in her native language has been viewed millions of times by people from around the world. 

It also grabbed the attention of Broadway singer Idina Menzel on Twitter, with her saying, “We see you. We really, really see you”, followed by blue and yellow hearts. 

More than €334,600 was raised at the Together for Ukraine concert. What an outstanding amount!