Uh oh, Snapchat picture causes a drug scandal for this 1D member


Louis Tomlinson has found himself at the centre of a scandal.

A Snapchat picture has emerged of the 23-year-old rolling a suspicious looking cigarette .

The boy band member was partying in London on Wednesday and ended up bringing five women back to his hotel with him and his friend at around 4am.

It looks like one of the people there couldn't contain their excitement and decided to take a sneaky picture of the 1D member, which was then posted on Snapchat.

The picture shows Louis in a baggy jumper, appearing to be looking at somebody, with a green substance in a container beside him and cigarette papers.


Oh dear.

Last year, Louis was caught up in a similar scandal with ex-1D member, Zayn Malik, while on tour in Peru.

Despite this, Louis was all smiles the next day while heading into a London studio dressed casually and looking happier than ever. After his night of partying with plenty of women, we can't say we're surprised.