UH OH! Kylie’s lip business has been deemed ‘UNETHICAL’

Kylie Jenner seemed to be on cloud nine this week, having done her biggest restock of her famous Kylie Lip Kit to date. 

The make-up magnate also sent her Snapchat followers into a frenzy, when she announced she had trademarked the word 'Kylighter', leading everyone to believe a new line of high lighters are on the horizon.  


The collection. Still lots available at KylieCosmetics.com 

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Despite all the excitement, The Better Business Bureau, a non-profit organisation in the US that deals with business ethics and practises, gave Kylie Cosmetics an 'F' rating in a recent evaluation – their lowest score possible. 

Fear not, our favourite reality star is already bouncing back from bad reviews.

The write up on the BBB website states that there have been 134 official complaints about the company in the last 12 months, which caused the poor grading.  

Kylie cosmetics had been getting a number of complaints because a number of products were being stolen in transit, as a result of easily recognisable packaging. 

King Kylie's company is still in the early stages of development, having only officially launched in August 2015, which may explain the issues being faced. 

However, proving the power of the Jenner name, quickly after the news of the "F" hit the press, Kylie Cosmetics' grade was adjusted to a "C."

The CEO of the Better Business Bureau, Rick Copeland,claimed that his organisation was not aware of the sheer volume of the company and the amount of complaints was smaller in proportion to actual sales.

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