Tyler Stanaland denies claims he was ‘unfaithful’ to Brittany Snow


Tyler Stanaland has responded to claims that he was ‘unfaithful’ during his marriage with Brittany Snow. 

The Selling the OC star and Pitch Perfect actress announced they were going their separate ways in September 2022 after having tied the knot in March 2020. 

Tyler’s statement addressing accusations of infidelity comes after his ex-wife appeared on the Call her Daddy podcast earlier this week where she spoke about their divorce. 

Snow didn’t outright accuse Stanaland of cheating on her but briefly admitted she ‘had instincts’ after watching Tyler and some of his castmates on Selling the OC. 

Sharing a message to his 192K Instagram followers on his Stories, Tyler denied he cheated on Brittany.

He posted a snap of ocean and wrote, “Relationships are complex even without public attention and speculation”.

“A mutual commitment was made, both personally and legally, to never speak about the complexities of my marriage publicly and I plan to honor that”.

Credit: Tyler Stanaland Instagram

“I do, however, want to make it clear that I was never unfaithful in my marriage and the accusations of infidelity couldn't be further from the truth. I will be making no further comments on this matter”.

“I wish her nothing but the best”, Tyler added of his ex-wife. 

During her interview on Alex Cooper’s podcast, Brittany spoke about her and Tyler’s split, admitting, “I had instincts and I think because I was in love, I didn't trust them”.

“I did not know what was going on. I think as someone who is so hands-on with my career, I think I was just completely shocked that I didn't have a handle on reality in that way. That was shocking”.

“I was not aware of a lot of things and I’ll say that. So I will say, what people think happened, happened”.

The Would You Rather star went on to add, “There's a lot of grace that I give myself, and also I can own – there's a part of this that I don't have a part in – They messed up. But I tried very hard to see it all from every side and release that anger. Because it doesn't serve me”.