Twitter started a Stranger Things trend, and BARB is the star of it

For those of you who have yet to get stuck into the sci-fest fest that is Stranger Things, Barb was undoubtedly the unsung hero of the latest Netflix smash hit.

The long-suffering friend of the high-achieving Nancy, Barb embodied ALL of us during the most awkward phases of our teenage years.

Ginger, bespetacled, and with all the craic of someone's particularly uptight grandmother, Barb was everyone in secondary school attempting to fit in with the cool kids while doing right by her best friend.

And with the show's creators having been commended for their uncanny portrayal of 1980s America, it seems they really hit the nail on the head when it came to the ill-fated Barb.

Taking to Twitter to acknowledge the all-round appeal of the awkward teen, social media users have shared throwback photos of themselves looking like a stand-in for the flame-haired Barb.

And ladies, they're not wrong…