Twink’s daughter opens up about that “zip up your mi**ey” voicemail


It's been eight years since a VERY angry Twink (Adele King) left a furious voicemail on her ex-husband David Agnew's phone, and the nation cringed in her honour as it was leaked online.

In Twink's own words, from her 2013 autobiography, "I told him a few home truths before concluding with the point that it was high time that he zipped up his mi**ey."

Yup, pretty much.

Now, the panto star's eldest daughter Chloe Agnew, 25, has spoken out about how the leak affected her and her sister Naomi, saying the whole thing was "awful."

Speaking to the John Murray show on RTÉ Radio One yesterday, the singer said, "Ah look, you know what these things happen and there’s nothing you can do about, but it it was an awful awful thing to happen… Just like anybody whose personal problems come out and are shared with the whole nation."

Chloe says her and Naomi struggled to cope when details of their parents' high-profile split made headlines. "It was very tough, obviously," she said. "Myself and Naomi were very young and I think the toll it took on us, trying to maintain a young teenager's lifestyle while having that splashed across the papers was very tough."

But the Celtic Woman performer said it's not something that bothers her these days. "What can you do? You have to just deal with it and get on with it… it's only ever made us stronger and now there's a little pact and a bond that we have that's unbreakable," she told John.

As for Twink, she has no regrets. "I can honestly say, with hand on heart, that if I had to make that phone call again I would – happily," she wrote in her book… which was accurately titled Twink Unzipped.

Just for old time's sake, here's that infamous voicemail again, very NSFW obviously!