TV star speaks out about her heroin addiction


Much-loved TV host Davina McCall has spoken out about the demons that plague her and reveals the effect Narcotics Anonymous has had on her.

Davina, who was once addicted to heroin, has been clean and sober for decades, but credits the NA system for keeping her on the straight and narrow.

While addicted to heroin in her twenties, Davina also struggles with alcohol issues.

Admitting that she isn't capable of stopping at just one drink, the good-humoured star said: "I can't have one of anything!"

Opening up about her experience with NA, Davina said: "I've always been really nervous talking about it though, because obviously it's an anonymous thing. But it really does work and I've had a lot of support from NA over the years."

Speaking to The Mirror newspaper, the candid star admitted that she 'gets a lot from the group'  and still attends NA meetings.

It can't be easy to discuss such a sensitive issue, but Davina's always been one brave lady!