TV series GLEE forced to change its name after nasty court BATTLE


Fans of Glee might have to look it up under a different name since the TV show legally HAS to change its name.

Entrepreneur Mark Tughan owns a number of comedy clubs in the UK called, The Glee Club.

So, when Glee – the TV show – first aired on our screens, Mark began a gigantic legal battle with FOX in 2011 and accused the show's bosses of stealing his name.

The businessman trademarked "The Glee Club" in 1999, ten years before Glee ever hit our TVs.

He argued that the name of the series was confusing people and putting customers off attending his venues as they associated the show with him.

Fox TV flew over to the UK to attend the court battles and denied breach of copyright since they had no idea that Mark owned clubs under The Glee Club name.

In 2014, High Court judges ruled in Mark's favour but then Fox appealed that decision with lawyers arguing that re-branding would have "catastrophic consequences" for the show and the company.

They said the ruling would effect repeats of the series, future shows, DVDs, CDs and digital downloads.

But even after the appeal, they lost out again at the Court of Appeal this week.

Mark commented on the verdict, telling The Mirror, "It is a great relief that the court has upheld the earlier judgement. We hope that this bring us closure to the end of this whole saga.