TV presenter reveals she nearly died while giving birth

When Sky Sports presenter Natalie Pinkham introduced her new baby boy to the world via Twitter eight weeks ago, the picture of a happy mum and baby seemed like any other.

But Natalie has revealed that her labour was extremely traumatic and that she or the baby could have died or been left seriously harmed.

"I was rushed in for an emergency caesarean as they found I was filled with meconium, effectively poo which the baby could breathe in," the Formula 1 presenter revealed in an interview with The Sun.

"The poor baby was really struggling."

And it wasn't only Natalie that was worried – her family were bracing themselves for bad news too. "My mum's a very calm person… but she admitted to me recently that she was thinking 'I'm going to lose my daughter and my grandchild,'" said Natalie.

Natalie says her husband Owain Walbyoff was there for her the whole time. "He was unbelievable. He just kept holding my face and saying 'I love you, it's going to be okay,'" the star revealed.

Thankfully baby Wilfred was born safely, and aside from some post-birth bladder problems Natalie is now doing fine.

Natalie and Owain tied the knot in 2012 and this is their first child. We're delighted to hear that both mum and baby are doing so well now.