TV highlights: What to watch on the box this week!

If you're planning a few nights in this week ahead of a busy Valentine's weekend, well, the TV will be your best friend!

Luckily there are some great things to look forward to on the box this week… here's our pick of the best!

The 57th Annual Grammy Awards
RTÉ 2, 19.30

Check out round two of Kanye's notorious "Im'ma let you finish" moment on tonight's Grammys highlights show!

My Big Fat Gypsy Valentine
TV3, 21.00

Fans of My Big Fat Gyspy Wedding will love this one-off special focusing on the traditions and culture of Britain and Ireland's travelling communities. 16-year-old Ina is marrying her first boyfriend, and has a wedding dress made from glitter fabric, while Danielle's wedding is scheduled to take place just a day after she turns 16. 

Heston's Recipe for Romance
Channel 4, 23.00

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but is there really a link between food and love? Heston teams up with scientists and psychologists to put together a romance-friendly menu for five couples, and monitor how the food affects their feelings for their partners.

The Pursuit of Happyness
3e, 22.00

Yes, the weird spelling of "happiness" makes us spelling sticklers cringe, but we challenge you not to be moved to tears by the inspirational film starring Will Smith as a cash-strapped single father who is forced out of his house at the worst possible time. Will's son Jaden (he of that BIZAARE 2014 interview) also stars. 

Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast
Channel 4, 20.00

Singer Paloma Faith takes part in tonight's episode of Jamie Oliver's new cooking show, which also star his pal Jimmy Doherty. Craft beer, sticky Chinese ribs and Portuguese salt cod – sounds like a perfect Friday night meal!