Try these very simple but impactful ways to fix your Monday blues

Garfield became famous for his saying, "I hate Mondays", but I think we all feel the same. 

As Friday brings a sense of elation; Monday can do just about the opposite. 

Every Sunday night brings a new wave a stress, daunting and panic which pretty much ruins the rest of your time off.

With these simple steps to make you Monday blues go away, it'll be Friday again in no time. 

Don't live for the weekend

Find something you love to do and do it on a week night. If you only feel joy at the weekend, you may as well feel it during the week too. And it will make Monday go by a lot faster.



Don't overload your weekend with tiring activities. Take time to relax and recuperate from the past week so you will be as fresh as a daisy come Monday morning. 


Don't sleep in

The same sleep schedule all week will help you feel calm on a Monday morning. If you sleep in on the first day of the week, it will drive you crazy for the rest of the day. 


Plan ahead

Plan ahead on a Sunday night. Figure out what you will wear, pack your lunch and have everything organised so you won't be rushed on Monday. Start the week off on a good foot. 


Hit the hay early

If you are tired on Monday, it will only add to the stress of a hectic day. Nobody got time for that!


Pump some tunes

There's nothing better than listening to your favourite songs, so why not do exactly that on a Monday morning? It will not only get you in a good mood but it will also kick start your energy for the day.