Try these amazing Halloween eye make-up ideas!


Whether you're going totally all-out with your Halloween costume, or you're just going to throw on some cat ears and hope for the best, make-up is a great way to look like you've put in far more effort than you actually have.

We love these seasonally-inspired eyeshadow looks. Granted, some of them would take a bit of skill, but you can make them as intricate or as basic as you like!

1. Disney-themed terror
This option is perfect if you're chanelling Angelina Jolie in Malificent this Halloween. A black cape and an evil glint in your eye and you'll be good to go.

2. Purrfect
The string of wool glued to your face might get a tad annoying but we really love this fun idea. It's a costume in itself!

3. Web of lies
Instant witchiness! A classic Halloween look.

4. Goggle-eyed
You could focus just on the eyes or do an all-over face paint like this lady. Either way the result is mind-bending!

5. Feline fun
This look is incredible! You could easily wear all black and just let your eyes do the talking with this one.