Trump insists on building the wall: ‘Ultimately Mexico will pay’


Donald Trump is still pushing to complete one of his most infamous campaign claims. 

The POTUS insisted during a press conference last night, that he will be building a wall between Mexico and the US, and that Mexico will pay for it.

'We need the wall. It's imperative,' said Trump.

'We may fund it through the United States but ultimately Mexico will pay for the wall.'

As a presidential candidate on the campaign, Donald Trump stated that he would be responsible for creating a physical barrier between Mexico and the US.

The border barricade would prevent drug trafficking and illegal immigration, according to the POTUS, and would be financed by Mexico, he claimed at the time.

At the press conference, he did not give specific details on how he would force Mexico to pay for the structure.

The Mexican government has said on numerous occasions that they will not be financing or participating in the project.