True Love:  Mr Hinch taking over from Mrs Hinch is husband goals

It’s not often that Mrs. Hinch will leave her kitchen before she cleans it for the night, but after falling asleep on the sofa last night, Mr. Hinch appealed to her followers to encourage her to go to bed.  How many of us mums have done exactly that – falling asleep, swearing that we are just resting our eyes for a moment and then falling into a deep sleep from utter exhaustion?

Sophie had intended on having a quick snooze and then painting a fairy house but it wasn’t until Mr. Hinch appealed to followers to bombard her with messages that she finally went to bed.

Sophie had talked about her burning and stinging eyes earlier in the day so it wasn’t too surprising that she was fast asleep by 9. 

 To keep her happy, Mr. Hinch stole our hearts when he did her night-time routine.  He cut Ron’s fruit for the morning and put it in his little food pots.

He washed Ron’s plates and put them back in the basket under the sink.

And then went to get Cliff (CIF) to give the kitchen a wipe down with Minkey (bless)…

…before signing off with Sophies usual ‘Goodnight’, lights out routine and ‘I love ya’.

We know it’s not unusual for men to play a role in household chores but it’s the way he does exactly what Sophie does to keep her happy which is the cutest thing ever.