Tricks everyone with a hair straightener should know

Just because you only own a hair straightener doesn’t mean you’re stuck with one style forever. It’s not news that you can curl your hair with you beloved straighteners. It can however, be easier said than done.

At SHEmazing we are all about tricks to make our daily hair routine just that little bit faster and easier.

So we gathered up a few handy tricks that anyone who owns a straightener can make use of, because there is more to life than hair, but hair full of volume is a great place to start.

Before you do anything, invest in a good heat protectant to keep your hair healthy before you battle the heat.

Speaking of, if you can, make sure your straightener is set below 185 degrees, especially if you have fine hair.Otherwise your hair can burn, and we all remember this incident:

When it comes to the hair at the crown of your head, straighten it in an upwards direction for some volume.

Embrace the volume even more and use your straightener to curl your hair. It takes practice, we tried this excellent tutorial.

Miss the retro crimping style? Braid your hair, then straighten it for that crimped effect.


Not just for hair, you can also use it iron a collar (or sleeves) if you’re really stuck.