Trend forecast! 2021 makeup looks you’ll love!


Our favourite make-up artist and celeb Instagrammers are already hopping on some of 2021's hottest make-up trends

2021 has been a bit of a *journey* so far, but if there's one thing we can be certain of, it's that there are some seriously stunning trends on their way in this year in the beauty field. The fashion industry is seeing a mixed bag of collections coming out this year, full of super dressed-up glam models and super dressed-down cosy wear. People seem to be in two minds about how we're going to let the events of 2020 effect us; whether this simpler, more pared back life is something to hold on to, or if grabbing life by the horns – and stilettos – is going to be their motto from now on, once the vaccine delivers and element of freedom.

We are already seeing massive changes in the way we express ourselves through makeup. Somewhat logically, the sale of lipstick has seen a massive dip, as people's mouths are hidden behind masks, while eye-makeup and eyelash sales have risen dramatically. 

Leading on from that, one of the massive trends we've seen coming in this year is in keeping with the vintage sixties and seventies styles we've seen coming in with many fashion lines. Dramatic cut creases and dark shadow in matte colours are back to create sexy and glamorous silhouettes, hearkening back to the soft, sexy looks of the sixties.

@Keilidhmua and the ever iconic @xthuyle demonstrate the sharp liner, fluttery lash look that is taking over the make up world.


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Arianna Grande added her two cents on the incoming trend with her positions album looks, in full, flirty lashes and a soft, vintage look.

Graphic eye makeup is also making a comeback, with makeup artists moving away from shimmers and glitters and instead leaning towards dramatic and artistic eyeliner designs. 


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We are loving these looks by @grwrady and only wish our eyeliner-applying-hands were steady enough!


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We're also loving the colour pop trend that we're seeing coming over from the fashion world in Gucci and Chanel's collections. Full of bright splashes of pink, blue and purple, the makeup world has followed suit, with looks like @beautydistrict11 's pastel purples and @victrialyn's daring blue statement look.


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The vivid colour and application reminds us of a nineties style look and we love it!

But our absolute fave for this season is the fresh-faced trend. Don't worry, foundation isn't going anywhere! It's just getting a little more light weight to let our freckles, moles and birthmarks show to let our own unique beauty really shine, just like it does in this stunning @Fentybeauty shoot!