TRANSFORMATION: Samara from The Ring is an absolute BABE now!

It's safe to say we all remember the genuine FEAR we felt back in 2002 when we first set eyes on Samara, the demon child from The Ring. 

Daveigh Chase, now 25, was cast in the early noughties to play Samara Morgan in a remake of The Ring, alongside Naomi Watts and Gore Verbinkski. 

Samara became a household figure as one of the scariest characters of all time, with Daveigh even winning an MTV award in 2003 for Best Villain.

Anyone else recall being petrified when Samara started crawling out of the television soaking wet? We have NEVER looked at a screen the same way since. 

Daveigh has certainly come a long way since her demon days, now sporting a glowing complexion and beautiful blond locks.

We cannot believe this beauty once played a black haired devil-child. 


On Set Shanda Selfie #IRL

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Oh, and did we mention that Daveigh Chase did the voice for Lilo, in the 2002 animated movie Lilo and Stitch?

Talk about walking a fine line between childhood nightmare and childhood fantasy-fest.

Daveigh, who has a whopping 40,000 followers on Instagram, is still acting in film and television, and if her Insta page is anything to go by, this gal is all about her four-legged friends – A woman after our own hearts, obvs.


Two days til my day of birth, this photo was taken two YEARs ago today by @cameronmccool

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We are super excited to see more of this fab lady in the future! 

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