TOWIE’s Danielle Armstrong slams Zara for their small sizing


The former The Only Way Is Essex star, Dannielle Armstrong took to social media yesterday, to share her frustrations about the popular high-street shop, Zara, and their “small sizes”.

The 32-year-old just gave birth to her first child, Orla back in May, whom she shares with finacé, Tommy Edney. In her Instagram Stories, the reality star confessed how she bought bags of clothes from one of her favourite shops, Zara, just six weeks ago.

“After you have a baby you don’t know what… it’s so hard, you don’t know what fashion suits you and your body, that you don’t feel like is your body, because before there was a baby in there. But now there’s nothing in there and you’re left with feeling like you don’t know if it belongs to you – does that make sense?” she tried to explain.


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“So I went shopping in Zara, bought loads of stuff – I’m not joking, you can see all the bags,” Dannielle prefaced. “And I put these jeans on now, they’re a UK size 12 – bearing in mind I was a size 14 to 16 after having Orla,” she explained, showing us a pair of paperbag-style jeans.

Dannielle then went on to bash Zara for their unrealistic sizing, stating, “We all know Zara, they are not very good with their sizing!” 

“And, can I just say, anyone that is in Zara that watches this head-office-wise, I don't think it's good that a large is 12-14, as if that's a large! That’s the majority of women in the UK – the average in the UK is a size 12 to 14,” she lamented.

The mum-of-one then went on to tell us, “I came home and tried all my stuff on – as you do when you’re all excited and have been on a shopping spree – and it was a disaster.”

“I could not get these jeans up six weeks ago, it was impossible. Tom told me to keep them and I refused, but ended up losing the receipt.” 

Dannielle then goes onto explain how she ended up keeping the clothes she purchased six weeks ago, before admitting, “I woke this morning and I thought, ‘I’m actually starting to feel a little bit more like how I did before I was pregnant,’ so I was like, ‘I’m gonna give them jeans a try’”.

Danielle then excitedly shows us that the jeans that were once too snug are now quite baggy, and hanging off of her a little bit.

She explains with relief how, “It just feels so good to be able to put on a little vest and high-waisted jeans. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to wear this look.”