TOWIE star in serious trouble with show bosses


She usually loves indulging in her self-proclaimed diva-dom, but it looks like Gemma Collins is walking a very fine line.

The blonde reality star has been given a severe talking to after annoying the rest of the cast with her behaviour. In fact, things have gotten so bad that her BFF Bobby Norris actually walked off set in frustration.

It appears she’s taking ‘fashionably late’ to a whole new level, and has reportedly been up to two hours late for recording.

Speaking about the issue, a source from the show said: "The other day she left Bobby waiting so long that he just left the location. He really thinks she takes the mickey."

Kendra Wilkinson has been singing Gemma’s praises recently and even went to visit her new friend in Essex, but it looks like the TOWIE are no longer part of Gemma’s fan club.

We really hope she gets her act together before she gets the boot.