Total photoshop fail for these Miss World contestants


If your picture is going to be shown online all over the world, it's understandable you might like your teeth whitened a little, or some extra colour in your cheeks. But there is a point of no return when it comes to Photoshop – and whoever edited these poor women's photos has just gone WAY too far.

The 26 portraits, which were taken last month at the finals of the 2014 Miss World Phillippines competition, have come under fire for showing wildly unnatural skin tones, face shapes and eye colours.

This model's eyes look totally freaky:

While this woman's face has lost all contours altogether:

Commenters on were quick to criticise whoever oversaw the editing of the images, with one saying, "All these girls look like they've been sandblasted smooth. They have almost no faces left."

Another asked if the editor was possibly "high when he post-processed these photos." 

While the Photoshopped pale faces and red lips are an interesting comment on cultural beauty preferences, we can't imagine these women were too happy with the finished product!