Top tips to save money on your heating


If you are anything like us, every time an electricity bill comes in you are no doubt left in a sweat, promising to do all you can to save on the electricity before the next bill.

Now you can. Follow these energy efficiency tips and you’ll be saving so much money you won’t know what to do with it… well, maybe not that much but the environment will certainly thank you!

Block up gaps
Block up any gaps that are letting draughts in. Under the doors or in the windows are common areas. You can pick up a draught excluder pretty cheaply or failing that we’re fairly sure your mum has one hidden in the attic.

Don’t overload the fridge or freezer
Don’t fill your fridge or freezer to full capacity. Obviously, the more food you have in there the harder it has to work. But, saying that, we don’t mean you need to just put one pizza in the freezer because that’s not good either.

Avoid the dryer
Unless you are urgently in need of some dry knickers we don’t recommend you use the dryer. It’s expensive and uses up a hell of a lot of energy. Pop them on the washing line or a clothes horse.

Lower the heating
Lower  the temperature on your thermostat by about 20° to instantly save yourself some cash. And don’t put it on during the summer. You really don’t need to!