Top tips for healthy nails from celebrity manicurist Michelle Class


We all know that the chaos of daily life can take a real toll on our nails, leaving us with dry cuticles, peeling, lack of growth and brittleness- everything we DON’T want our nails to be!

If you’re looking to treat your nails to some TLC, Michelle Class, Sally Hansen Brand Ambassador and Celebrity Manicurist has shared her top tips and product picks to rejuvenate your nails. 

Michelle has styled the nails of A-list clientele such as Kate Moss, Margot Robbie, Rosamund Pike, and J-Lo through red carpet awards and magazine covers, so you know your nails will soon be in tip-top shape with her useful expertise.

Check out Michelle’s tips below and be prepared for beautifully healthy nails in no time:

Keep cuticles hydrated

“Rehydrate those cuticles twice a day. It may be a job you’ll have to set a reminder for, but the results will be worth it when you see how healthy your nails are in in the next couple of months”.

In colder temperatures, the skin, cuticles, and nail bed get dry and brittle. To combat this, Michelle recommends using Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil (RRP: €11.49/ £8.99). Applying cuticle oil daily softens the cuticle, keeping it elastic, and prevents the nail plate from peeling. Sally Hansen’s rich formula nourishes and moisturises dry nails and cuticles. The natural essential oil complex with vitamin E, apricot kernel and aloe conditions cuticles whilst increasing nail flexibility to prevent breakage.

Perfect polish starts with your base

“Before applying any product, make sure your nails are clean and free from any dirt or residue using a nail polish remover. Apply a good quality base coat before applying nail polish. Sally Hansen’s Double Duty Base and Topcoat is an excellent option as it not only strengthens nails but also extends the longevity of your manicure”.

Formulated to help protect nails and cuticles whilst simultaneously locking in colour, Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat (RRP: €7.99/ £5.99) shields nails with a hard, shiny, chip-resistant finish. As a base coat, Double Duty moisturises nails with panthenol and as a top coat, it protects with nylon.

Strengthen your nails for increased durability

“If you have weak or brittle nails, Sally Hansen offers various nail hardeners and strengtheners, such as the Hard as Nails range. These products help fortify and protect your nails, rejuvenating and promoting healthy growth”.

Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails (RRP: €8.99/ £6.99) is an extra-strength treatment that hardens nails & smooths ridges. This advanced nail hardener helps protect and strengthen your nails whilst filling in ridges. The nylon formula fortifies fragile nails and helps prevent peeling, whilst natural Omega 3 and soy help diminish the look of ridges.

A great polish makes all the difference

“When choosing any nail colour make sure you cap the free edge with your base coat, colour, and top coat to get longevity and avoid premature chipping. My go-to is the Good.Kind.Pure range as it’s so clean and healthy for the nails but lasts really well”.

Sally Hansen Good.Kind.Pure (RRP €11.99 / £9.99) is a revolutionary line of nail products which is formulated with plant-based, 100% vegan ingredients including marine algae and sustainable bamboo, as well as a plant-based brush which is optimised to work with the formula.

For best results, begin with the Sally Hansen Good.Kind.Pure All Natural Hardener, which improves the look of ridges and imperfections and seals fragile nails delivering nothing but colour onto the nails. Then, apply two coats of your favourite Sally Hansen Good.Kind.Pure. colour. Michelle’s choice for a healthy, nude nail is shade Toasted Toffee. To finish, apply one coat of the Good.Kind.Pure. Top coat. which provides longer wear and protects your favourite natural shade for longer gloss and shine.