Too cute! 7 times Jacob Tremblay STOLE the show this awards season


Okay so we will be the first to admit that having a slight obsession with a 9-year-old is borderline creepy, but we simply cannot get enough of rising star Jacob Tremblay. 

From his ridiculously good looking parents to his wise-beyond-his-years chatshow persona, the Room star is taking Hollywood and our hearts by storm. 

With none other than his co-star Brie Larson being his all time BIGGEST fan, we can say with a certain degree of confidence that this kid is uber-talented and seriously going places. 

While on an impressive press stint for his highly-praised performance in Room, here is 7 times Jacob Tremblay owned this awards season. 

7) His celebrity selfie collection 

The kid has got some serious game 

6) That time he showed Conan O' Brien his red carpet game face 

His 'blue steel' interpretation would put Zoolander to shame 


5) His face when he received a Star Wars costume from Ellen 

And we were reminded by his sheer excitement that he is actually still just a kid 


4) When he reminded us all that he has a "delicious face" 

And it is the most adorable face ever 


3) When his dance moves literally owned the Critics Choice after-party 

Nailed it 


Celebrating the #criticschoiceawards to my favorite jam!! Thank-you!!! #roomthemovie

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2) His entire friendship with Brie Larson 

They are genuine bosom buddies


Congrats to the coolest girl in the world!!!! @brielarson #goldenglobes

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@brielarson HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Love, Your Best Bud. #roomthemovie

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Thank you @brielarson you're crazy!!! Save some for me!!!

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7) His Critics Choice award acceptance speech 

It was too much <3