‘Tobacco-free’: Smoking will soon be banned in these public places


More and more local authorities in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are on their way to banning smoking in playgrounds.

The Journal reports that authorities all over the country are moving forward to implement a smoke-free policy in and around areas where children play.

Research reveals that 82 percent of county councils have already implemented the change, with others quickly moving further towards it, says Dr Helen McAvoy, the director of policy at the Institute of Public Health in Ireland has reported.

“This helps to reduce exposure to second hand smoke and to denormalise tobacco use for future generations," she said.

The change comes after smoking in cars with children was banned in January of this year.

"The new law prohibiting smoking in cars came into effect in January 2016 and we would expect that the new legislation will, over time, like the ban on smoking in the workplace support people to change their behaviour," Dr McAvoy said.