This young star just crashed their car AGAIN!


For the second time in a year, 17-year-old Kylie Jenner has crashed her car, destroying a brand new Range Rover. She claims it wasn't her fault this time, as a woman who got cut off in traffic swerved into her.

Thankfully no one was injured, but this is the latest in a series of accidents and tickets in the reality star's very short driving career.

She crashed her first car last August, an $125,000 SUV, just 18 days after she got her driving licence. That time she caused a three-car-crash when she rear ended someone, slamming them into the car in front.

She has also received two tickets this year, one for speeding and one for having tinted windows and driving with a teenager – not allowed for minors.

We don't know if they have a points system in the States but Kylie must be pretty close to being taken off the road at this stage. And er… maybe that would be better for everyone.