This woman has made some amazing art… using Rice Krispies!

If you’re not exactly Nigella Lawson in the kitchen department, you’ve probably turned to the humble Rice Krispie bun at least once in your life as a stress-free recipe. Hey, there’s no oven involved but it’s still baking – kind of.

Instagrammer Jessica Siskin has taken Rice Krispie treats to the next level with her amazing, colourful and tasty artwork. Jessica, who used to work in the fashion industry, has now built a full time job out of her cereal creations, and receives several orders each day for personalised designs.

Lots of Jessica’s work is based on pop culture – like these brilliant emoji treats…

Or Regina George’s notorious Burn Book…

Or even magazine covers – we love this Harper’s Bazaar inspired cake!

The New York-based “baker” said the idea came out of her total lack of culinary talent. When asked to bring dessert to a friend’s party, she decided on a colourful Rice Krispie design. “I honestly don’t know how to make anything else,” she said.

Well, if we were artistic enough to make something as elaborate as this Snickers-inspired treat, we definitely wouldn’t be complaining!