This woman drinks her boyfriend’s BLOOD ‘directly from the wound’


Now, when Twilight was the hot topic back in 2008, it's safe to say that we saw a good few vampire-inspired couples about the place.

But this woman from Australia claims to be a real-life vampire, and sucks her boyfriend's blood…

For the past twenty years Georgia Condon has ventured away from the sunlight and into the darkness as she has a blood disorder called thalassemia, and due to her anemia and low iron levels, Georgia says she needs blood to get by on a weekly basis.


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The make-up artist claims that she first got a taste for blood at the age of 12, and now, 27 years later, says it's as enjoyable as sex.

Speaking to the Mail Online, the 39-year-old said: "I would put them on par. It is mainly arousal and joy. There is a reason that most vampire shows combine the two. It is a form of high that can't be exactly described.


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"It is not daily as that would be far too much a burden on his body, leading to way too many wounds. I try on a weekly basis but it is hard on him and we don't have a set time such as 'dinner time' that would be strange. "

Emmm.. yep.

She added: "He sacrifices to give me what I want from time to time. He believes in monogamy so it's a form of intimacy."