This site stops you procrastinating & actually helps you get sh*t done


A lot of us have trouble getting motivated. Whether it's studying for an exam, or just having to clean your room, in this day and age it's super easy to get distracted.

And many of us are our own worst enemies… We know that we have a load of work to do, but still decide to check Facebook or have a browse on ASOS to kill some time.

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Well, that's where this beautiful website comes in. Take A Five gently lures you into actually being a productive human being.

Instead of giving you a bad time for not working, Take A Five basically allows you to take a timed break, but when the clock is up, it will self-destruct your ASOS tab and bring you back to your work.

All you have to do is go onto the website, select how long you want to take a break for, and then go onto your chosen procrastinating website.

Once time is up, a little gif pops up telling you to get back to work. And each day, it gives you a motivational quote to help you along.

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This website will end up being our new bae.