This video of girls empowering themselves is truly AMAZING

Fernwood fitness club posted a video on their Facebook page, and it has gained viral status for a fantastic reason. 

In this moving video, a group of young girls, ranging from the ages of 6-12, are interviewed.

The question these youngsters are asked is: "Has anyone ever told you that you can't do something because you're a girl?"

The answers are heartbreaking, with each of these beautiful girls claiming they have been held back from sports based on their gender. 

"I've been told I can't do basketball, because it's a boy's sport" said 10-year-old Meg. 

However, these girls may have been told they can't do certain things, but that has NOT stopped them. 

12-year-old Stephanie tells the interviewer that she believes "that all girls can do the same things that boys can do"

The video sends an inspirational message to girls all over the world: You can do anything! 

 A number of people have left positive comments on the video, with one saying "LOVE this- girls rule!"

"Aim for your dreams and believe in yourself always" wrote a proud mum of one of the girls in the video. 

We LOVE this!