This TV reunion will make every Nineties kid VERY excited!


Anyone who watched RTÉ of a Sunday afternoon as a kid will remember Seventh Heaven as the ultimate sign that the weekend was coming to a close.

Moral Christian values, family scandal, teenage angst – the Camdens taught us a lot.

That's why we were only delighted to find out that the cast had a giant reunion last night… they're still best pals!

Beverley Mitchell posted a picture of the group dinner to her WhoSay account earlier today:

Though she kept quiet about the reason for the reunion, we're guessing it could be a little celebration for Bev's recently announced second pregnancy.

The caption read "Something truly amazing happened last night and my heart is overflowing! Love these peeps more than I can ever explain! we were just missing Mack!"

Mack, of course, being Mackenzie Rosman, who played the adorable Ruthie – though now she's more at home doing Maxim photoshoots:

Forget Ruthie, though – where on earth was Happy?!

In case you're not feeling teary enough right now, here's a little blast from the past. Altogether now…"where can you goooo, when the world don't treat you right?"