This soothing moisturizing cream is ideal for acne-prone skin


Acne treatments may help manage spots and skin issues, but they can also dry out your skin. They contain such harsh ingredients that leave your skin gasping for moisture.

One product that has been praised by acne sufferers is Bioderma’s Sébium Hydra cream, which is specifically formulated to biologically counteract temporary side effects of dermatological treatments.

The cream nourishes and intensively rehydrates your skin for a better compliance of ultra-drying treatments.

The moisturising (glycerine) and biomimetic restructuring (ceramides) agents combat desquamation and sensation of tightness after using acne treatments. It also has anti-irritant properties that help soothe the skin and reduce redness too.

The Fluidactiv patented complex biologically regulates sebum quality, keeping pores from becoming clogged and limiting the formation of blemishes.

All you need to do is apply once or twice daily after cleansing your skin. Simply massage until the cream is absorbed into your skin.

Your skin will feel as good as new in no time!

I have been using this product for the past week and noticed a major difference within a couple of days. My skin no longer looks drawn and any redness has eased almost instantly. 

The Sébium Hydra is available to buy from your local pharmacy and online for €14.25.