This Brussels/Paris cartoon tribute is being shared everywhere today


With the death toll from this morning's terror attacks in Brussels standing at 34 and still rising, one French paper has expressed the country's support for Belgium in a beautiful way.

Two blasts hit Zaventem airport at around 7am today, followed by a third explosion at Maelbeek metro station an hour later. The attacks come just four months after 130 people were killed doing a series of co-ordinated gun attacks and explosions around Paris on November 13, 2015.

This morning French newspaper Le Monde posted a beautiful and poignant cartoon to its social media feeds, drawn by its resident cartoonist Plantu.


A photo posted by Le Monde (@lemondefr) on

The image, which shows a person painted in  the colours of the French flag comforting someone painted with the black, yellow and red of the Belgium flag, was simply captioned "13 november… 22 mars" – the French translation for the date of both attacks.

Since being posted a few hours ago, the image has been shared and liked thousands of times on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Speaking about this morning's attacks, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel called it "a day of tragedy, a black day" for the country.