This plane means you will never have to fight for a window seat again


Spike Aerospace, Inc. have plans to create the world’s “first supersonic business jet” that will not only cut flying time by half but will be the first windowless business jet.

Instead of windows, the interior of the Spike S-512 will be covered by display screens embedded into the walls. Cameras surrounding the aircraft will construct “breathtaking panoramic views” that will be displayed inside the jet.

According to the company it is not all about looks and there is an actual reason for removing the windows.

They said: “It has long been known that the windows cause significant challenges in designing and constructing an aircraft fuselage. They require addition structural support, add to the parts count and add weight to the aircraft. But until recently, it has not been possible to do without them.”

The firm also claims that it will cut flights down by half so that “it will save passengers time so they can explore more of the world”.

Unfortunately, with style comes a hefty price tag and the supersonic jet will set you back $60 million. However, on the brighter side, it is not due for release until December 2018 so you have some time to save.